German media theorist Friedrich Kittler’s last words were, “Switch off all apparatuses.” The poet Jack Spicer’s were, “My vocabulary did this to me.” As bounds that delineate my headspace, there could be worse markers than these.

I’m a writer, researcher, designer and developer. I have an MA in English from The Ohio State University and am working on a PhD in Information Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

I also have writing that floats around, including Here Both Sweeter (winner of the 2011 Wick Chapbook Contest, Kent State University Press) and This Apparatus (Furniture Press). Other poems and stories are recently out or forthcoming in UnstuckSalt Hill, Barrelhouse, Mid-American Review, Crazy Horse, The AWL and elsewhere.

I occasionally take freelance, contract and consulting work. Feel free to get in touch.